Ted Robinson

Managing Partner

Ted Robinson’s professional background has incorporated a broad range of responsibilities during the past 30 years. He has been the Vice President of Sales of a large publisher specializing in test preparation; Vice President of Sales for an online gaming company focused on reading comprehension; Vice President of Sales for one of the first online accredited schools; Marketing Director for a large publishing company. His work has involved launching the first commercially successful non-textbook math product in the US as well as hiring, training, and managing a staff of marketing and sales professionals.

Ted has created sales and marketing strategies for numerous education companies of all types of media, distributors, associations, non-profits, legal, as well as other businesses. As a consultant for 15 years, he has worked with a multitude of companies, helping them with their overall strategic planning, as well as crafting and implementing marketing strategies and plans. In addition, he has directed numerous marketing campaigns, which involved list selection, creative development, telemarketing, space advertising, special exhibits, conferences, and public relations

Dr. Julia Nyberg

Curriculum and Instruction Specialist

Dr. Julia Nyberg received her doctorate in Education from the University of Southern California (USC), with an emphasis in Teacher Education. Dr. Nyberg has taught and provided professional development for inservice teachers in a variety of school districts in the United States and China. Dr. Nyberg works with preservice teachers in graduate level teacher education programs.

Drew Robinson

Analyst and CRM Administrator

Drew Robinson received his MS in Economics from California State Polytechnic University. Drew specializes in constructing market analysis reports for sales and forecasting, analyzing data sets,and optimizing data quality and organization for customer relationship management. Drew has worked as both a sales director and sales analyst for small and medium sized companies.

Cynthia Rowland

Director of Strategic Development Team

Cynthia Rowland received her BA from UC Berkley and her BS from Cal State East Bay. She has taught test preparation to nursing, high school, and pre-graduate students. Cynthia has worked in educational marketing for 20 years. She manages a staff of four strategic development specialists. Their tasks are scheduling appointments, meetings, and workshops for clients.


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