About Us

Here at Educational Marketing Connections we offer K-16 businesses sales and marketing solutions that work for your company, with your clients, within your budget. We become fiduciary partners in growing your business. We work with start-ups as well as established K-16 businesses in formulating a strategy that fits your business and produces the desired results.

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Meet Our Team

Ted Robinson, Managing Partner: Ted has created sales and marketing strategies for numerous education companies of all types of media, distributors, associations, non-profits, legal, as well as other businesses.
Dr. Julia Nyberg, Curriculum and Instr. Specialist
Drew Robinson, Analyst and CRM Admin.
Cynthia Rowland, Director of Strategic Development

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Our Services

Sales and Marketing Plans: We can assist in making appointments, pre-qualifying prospects, and putting key personnel together for specific events.
Partnerships and Business Development: We give you access to our solid network in the education business world.
Staff and Client Training: We customize training sessions to specifically meet your needs regardless of participant experience and skill level.

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